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Villa Sanjo Muromachi

Kyoto, Japan

Although being right in the center of Kyoto with convenient access to town, Villa Sanjo Muromachi Kyoto is situated in an area where the sounds of life - unchanged since olden times - can be heard. This compact luxury hotel features only 12 rooms. The ideal place to feel home and go along with the leisurely pace of the ancient capital. Tradition and innovation are vividly present in the villa. The attention to details and the hospitality of the staff create the perfect environment to relax after long days of visits.

The luxury they boast is not limited to being sumptuous. they have prepared the guestrooms with a main focus placed on producing the compactness of having what is required in good, required quantities – on delivering quality that is substantial and fine-tuned.

An alley wet from water sprinkled for coolness and a soft light escaping through openings of a latticed door are two of the many features of this property.

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