Our Main Experiences..explained!

Private Expeditions

The most refined and engaging experience in our collection of curated journeys is the ‘Private Expedition’. What separates the ‘Private Expedition’ from all other journeys, is the addition of an expert with sought-after knowledge of the specific destination who leads the journey alongside the Art In Voyage hosts. Journeys focus on immersive and transformative travel experiences, carefully designed for the discerning traveler. Due to the exclusive nature of these journeys, a guaranteed departure is only confirmed once interest has been vetted.

Taste Of

As the name implies, the ‘Taste Of’ collection of curated journeys is culinary-focused. These journeys feature either our in-house Chef or one of our local Chefs should a destination require their level of expertise in authentic cooking. While incorporating elements of culture into the program, the focus remains on food, cooking classes, local markets, wineries, and other gastronomical delights. The tone of these journeys is convivial and relaxed, with flexible itineraries that allow guests to experience the journey as they wish. Most are hosted by our Executive Chef Kevin Fonzo

The Wine Fairy Experience

Katie Barratt, ‘The Wine Fairy’, is our renowned wine expert who hosts all of our wine-focused journeys in this collection. An effervescent character with an extraordinary knowledge of wine, the Wine Fairy is adored for her humorous, entertaining, and kind hosting style. Katie has the unique ability to make anyone love the wine-making process and appreciate the small nuances between grapes. Combined with some of the best culinary experiences at the featured destinations, these journeys are perfectly balanced while maintaining their focus on oenology.

Journeys of Renewal

Journeys of Renewal are designed to renew and re-balance the mind, body, and soul. Journeys in this series incorporate holistic, relaxing, and therapeutic pursuits such as yoga, massage, meditation, outdoor activities, clean eating options, and immersive cultural experiences. Each itinerary is comprehensive yet well-balanced, ensuring sufficient time is set aside for guests to relax or pursue their personal intentions for the journey. For guests seeking a transformative travel experience, our Journeys of Renewal provide the ultimate opportunity to achieve this.

Behind The Lens

This collection of journeys is specifically designed for professional or amateur photographers and shutterbugs to experience a destination from Behind The Lens. Hosted by a professional photojournalist with decades of photography experience (our in-house expert is Gary Bogdon), guests are provided with the ultimate opportunity to advance their photography skills. Specific elements of each destination are focused on throughout the journey, accompanied by intimate and engaging workshops at the end of each day.

Ultimate Driving

Guests joining our Ultimate Driving journeys are offered the choice of a vintage car or a sports car experience. Choose between a leisurely journey behind the wheel of a timeless vintage model from the ’60s, ’70s or ’80s, or a journey in the fast lane at the helm of your dream sports car. Our Ultimate Driving journeys feature destinations with iconic roads and passes which enhance the experience of the specific vehicles. Combined with some of the best experiences at the destinations en route, these journeys are well-balanced while maintaining their focus on driving.

Cook Nice!

Hosted by our in-house award-winning Chef Kevin Fonzo, this collection of journeys was named after his catchphrase, you guessed it, COOK NICE! With a passion for fun and engaging cooking, Chef Fonzo takes guests abroad for a week of immersion into local markets, farms, food, and of course, daily cooking classes. Hosted at one of our private estates, unpack once and enjoy daily food-focused experiences combined with great laughter, new friendships, and incredible new dishes.

Markets Of The World

Markets of the World are our curated journeys that are centered around some of the most world-renowned and exceptional markets. Going beyond a typical market experience, we offer guests exclusive opportunities to meet local artisans, access private sales, and engage in activities reflecting the essence of the destination. Hosted by our Market Specialists, learn how to discover hidden gems and the art of market-shopping.

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